Dragonclaw Hook

150,000  91,900 

The claw from a black dragon’s left toe. The only piece of the beast that survived an encounter with Pudge’s voracious hunger.

Slot: Weapon
Type: Meathook
Rarity: Immortal
Hero: Pudge

Immortal will be delivered through Steam Trade within (30 MINUTES – 24 HOURS).



Equipment are cosmetic items that modify heroes’ clothing, appearances, or summoned units.

  • Equipment comes with two properties: Rarity and Quality.
  • Rarer equipment tend to come with extra customizations, such as particle effects, model animations, and ability icons.
  • Gems can also be socketed into equipment items to provide stat tracking and additional customizations.
  • These modifications are purely visual and do not affect mechanics or gameplay.

Dota 2 is an RTS-styled competitive team game with RPG elements. Two competing teams of five players (Radiant and Dire). The main objective in Dota 2 is to destroy the enemy Ancient inside their stronghold. These strongholds are protected by multiple towers down 3 lanes. Instead of building armies of units like in classical RTS games, each player controls a single Hero, a strategically-powerful unit with unique abilities and characteristics which can be improved over the course of the game. Experience is earned when nearby creeps and heroes die, and once collecting enough experience, the hero gains a level, which increases the hero’s stats, and at most levels the hero gains a skill point which can be spent to unlock or upgrade one of the hero’s abilities. Alongside a hero’s fixed abilities, each hero has 6 inventory slots which can be filled with Items which provide various benefits and abilities. To purchase these items, Gold is gained passively over time, by killing creeps, by killing enemy heroes and by destroying buildings.

Dota 2 has a heavy emphasis on tactics and team co-ordination, and a deep amount of strategy focused on building up strength as fast as possible, optimal itemization, and selecting what order to upgrade your hero’s spells.


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