Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Digital Delivery?

Digital Delivery serves to facilitate the process of getting our cards to you, in the fastest way possible. We type the physical copies of our authentic gift cards into our system, so that they can be distributed quickly and efficiently, directly to your mobile inbox.

Don’t hassle with scratching away the film covering the codes on physical gift cards. Just open the Mobile Inbox the card arrives in, and instantly redeem it to your account seconds after it arrives.

Reliable Customer Support

Lost your card? With a physical card, losing track of a card left in a forgotten wallet, or throwing it away by mistake, would rob you of redeeming your product. With digital delivery, we have all of your orders on record. You can simply ask one of our support representatives to resend the card right to your inbox, no harm done!

STEAMSHOP is the single best way to get your cards to you right away. Safe, trustworthy, and fast, all available to you, within minutes of purchase!

How long will it take for my items to arrive?

Your order will be fulfilled within 1 hour or less after approval of the EasyPaisa / JazzCash / Bank payment.  Most orders are fulfilled within 5-15 minutes, as fast as your mobile network can handle.

You can check to see the status of your orders.

What are my payment options?

STEAM SHOP accepts payment through EasyPaisa, JazzCash, Bank Transfer. All payment processing is done through easypaisa / jazzcash retailer shop or bank.

Wholesale Gift Cards?

Interested in purchasing gift cards in bulk at a discounted price? We offer services to provide you with bulk purchasing options in order to satisfy the needs of your own gift card delivery business.

STEAMSHOP is based out of the Pakistan, in Karachi. With years of experience in e-commerce and international trade, we are excited for the opportunity to partner with you to better serve your customers.

What Games are Supported?

We offer a variety of gaming gift cards, and prepaid codes to keep our game-loving customers happy, and their digital wallets loaded; ready to buy the newest games and digital content available on their favorite console or website.

With pre-paid codes for Xbox, PlayStation Network, Nintendo, Minecraft, Blizzard, and Steam; STEAMSHOP has everything you need to get the most out of your gaming experience.